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Charitable Giving — Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of contributions, you’ll want to get all the benefits of federal, state and local tax law, while avoiding any improprieties which could result in legal penalties.

Churches — Churches often have a multitude of missions under one roof. Each of these missions, such as feeding or clothing the homeless, is governed by different laws from those which allow the church to be used as a gathering place for worship. To avoid a legal conflict with one mission, which can threaten the standing of the entire church, contact Philip Haney Associates today.

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations — NPOs come in a variety of forms, from individual enterprises to corporations, unincorporated associations, partnerships, foundations and even condominiums. Deciding on the proper legal construct of your non-profit venture is an important first step toward achieving your charitable mission.

Public Charities — Charities face just as much competition for charitable dollars as vendors in the marketplace do for sales. But charities must also comply with laws regulating fundraising campaigns and compensation. Failure to adhere strictly with all applicable federal, state and local laws may result in legal penalties and also turn into a public relations nightmare, threatening future fundraising, which is the lifeblood of any charity. Before your next fundraising campaign, and for a general compliance review, consult with Philip Haney Associates.

Private Foundations – Private foundations and individual/corporate philanthropy are subject to complex compliance regulations, and risk heavy fines and penalties for violations, at state and federal levels. Private foundation organization and operation needs expert advice.  Philip Haney Associates is prepared to assist private foundations with their special legal needs.

Tax Exempt — These organizations not only must comply with federal law to receive federal tax-exempt status, they are also required to comply with state and local law for their tax benefits. Philip Haney Associates is thoroughly versed on tax regulations throughout the 50 states.

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Philip Haney Associates is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and serves clients throughout the United States. For a consultation, call 918.744.1023 or contact the office online.


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