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A crisis can be any event or circumstance that threatens the ability of your nonprofit organization to achieve its mission.  There are two sides to managing any crisis: planning and response. Organizations that anticipate the possibility of a crisis and properly prepare for the crisis that may never happen are better equipped to manage such situations or possibly avoid them altogether.

With social media, headline news and the heightened expectations that donors have of their organization in a crisis, effective crisis communication and issue management have become more challenging.  Unfortunately, the news media thrive on tragedy, drama and scandal — not the good news. Crisis in the nonprofit sector feeds the frenzy, because the organizations are community-based and community-serving. What better way to pique the interest of readers, viewers and listeners than to run a story that gets them where they live and grabs their hearts.

Philip Haney Associates is focused on helping you prepare for and manage crisis situations and effectively navigate through issues that threaten your organization’s reputation.


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