Office Location and Fees

Fee Schedule

Incorporation of Nonprofit/For-Profit Corporation
Simple incorporation — charter and certificate of incorporation with local Secretary of State.

Amend Existing Corporation
Amend and restate existing articles of incorporation to satisfy IRS compliance requirements.

Full Service Incorporation
Charter; articles of incorporation; employer identification number; bylaws; minutes of organizational meeting; minute book and seal (including all filing fees, cost for minute book and seal and related expenditures).

IRS Tax Exempt Application for Nonprofit Corporation
$3500 (Assume no contest)
Preparing, filing and submitting fully exhibited Form 1023 tax exempt application for nonprofit corporations, including churches, ministries and others.

IRS Group Exemption Application
(whereby tax exempt corporation will serve as sponsoring entity of other nonprofit organizations, such as churches, ministries or religious activities) – prepare and file fully exhibited group exemption application with the IRS.

Integrated Auxiliary Structure
(whereby tax exempt organization is excepted from filing IRS Form 990 annual information return by integrating with a church organization, becoming an auxiliary of a church) – prepare all underlying documents and amendments, file fully exhibited application for change of filing classification with the IRS.

$350 (hourly)
Consulting and all types of legal services provided to churches, religious ministries, charities and other nonprofit organizations before the Internal Revenue Service, state authorities, or with regard to any matter. Consulting for special projects for churches, ministries and nonprofit corporations on a project-by-project negotiated basis, including flat fee services, hourly rate services, and discounted rate services for large volume work or monthly retainer payment. Assistance with nonprofit fundraising, grant writing, capital improvement projects on a negotiated basis. (Fees may be negotiable for certain services, or for certain types of organizations, etc.) Please inquire, 918.744.1023